Digital Design

FORGE designs parametrically from the beginning of your project so that not only are dimensional needs exact, but the files are production ready for manufacturing via most methods. This is the smartest way to design.

3D Printing Expertise

Since the beginning, FORGE has been using 3D printing to provide on demand, custom manufacturing solutions. We've had samples created from every current technology and design around those limitations.

Short Run Manufacturing

There's a thing called RTV molding. Basically, we manually make the molds from 3d printed parts and then pour liquid plastics or silicone that hardens within hour or days. We're able to duplicate your object generally within quantities less than 500. For medical prototypes, this is how we create in materials that aren't directly 3D printable.

3D Scanning

We have a few different scanners. Technically, we use a structured light scannning for stationary objects and a handheld scanner for capturing faces. We create digital meshes from these scans for reference for modeling of for direct duplication.

Product Development

Have a project that needs more than printing? We've designed logos, websites and promotional services and can support your product as it enters the market.Have a project but not the money to develop it? FORGE offers branding and development services to teams we want to join for the long haul.

File Conversions

We've worked with architects, animators, and even DICOM data to make 3d printable models. If you have digital files, we probably work with them and can modify them into solids for manufacturing. We're not saying it's hard to do, just that it's something we do.