Client: 3D Printed Evidence
Materials: SLS Nylon 12 Powder
Services: 3D Modeling 3D Scanning
3D prints from MRI and CT scan data enables juries to better visualize injuries in courtroom trials.

3D Printed Evidence converts medical image data (DICOM data) from MRI & CT scans into 3D models, creates topographical maps, scans individual pieces of evidence and more.

As it pertains to the practice of law, 3D printing can materialize ideas and forms to an extent which is unprecedented in legal practice. Subjects and ideas that were once difficult to relay to a jury have now been simplified tremendously. Imagine a 3D model of a gas thruster for a satellite in a patent infringement case that the jury can hold in their hands and pass around the box, viewing it from every angle. What was once incomprehensible for the average juror is now seen, felt and vividly understood. A single piece of evidence like that can mean the difference between a verdict and a loss.

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