Client: Museum of Contemporary Art
Materials: SLS Nylon 12 Powder
Services: 3D Modeling 3D Print
MOCA takes shenanigans to a whole new level during One Spark.

MOCA ( ) was hosting a WHITE exhibit and wanted us to design signage to match the angles of a font they were using based on Metatron cube. Then, they asked if we could create a 3d Metatron cube for and we said yes to that, too.

WTF is a metatron cube? More info here but it's essentially based on mathematical equations. Casie Simpson designed an invitation that had each of the Metatron points emphasizing inter-connectivity and intersections between art and the community.

Then we threw them off the roof overlooking the crowd in Hemming Plaza. Included a coupon for a free beer when brought inside MOCA and voila - super long long lines.

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