Dreams. Ideas. Visions. There's a lot of ways to describe your seed of awesome. The first step is to begin transforming your thoughts into something we can help you create. We have a simple form below that help us understand your project better.

Start online or download and fill out our questionnaire. It's totally free and helps to define your idea.

According to Hermann Hesse, "Only the ideas that we really live have any value."


3D printing requires 3D files that we create in our studio. This is not where the magic happens. No computer ninjas. No glittery rainbows. We just listen and provide updates of our progress so that you can see our files - and your idea - take shape.

Depending on your project, this step can take hours, days or weeks. We provide an estimated date (based on step 1) so you know what to expect. Here's the questionnaire, hint, hint, #grunt.


We ship our 3D prints to anywhere in the United States but prefer it if you can pick up the model in person at our downtown Jacksonville studio. Busy schedule? We hand deliver locally just to be there when you open your 3D print. It's that important to us to be there when you open your 3D print and we get to see your reaction. Also, note that we reserve the right to make a youtube video of your happy dance.

Remember, we couldn't have done "it" without you.