Whozits and Whatzits Galore

Over the years we've been using a whole lot of the left side of our brains for clients.  In pursuit of mental stability we started designing creative and expressive artworks that we're making available to the world.  As pre-world renowned artists this is an endeavor that leaves us very exposed and vulnerable so comments are disabled.

Enlightenment for sale below while supplies last.

Bougie Banana
This 3D printed banana with duct tape is inspired by an Art Basel shenanigan. It's an exquisite fine art piece.
Heart Attack featuring Pac-Man
This 3D Printed artwork can be customized to your space and can feature combinations of Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man.
3D Printer Filament
We have 3D printer filament from 3D Fuel and Polymaker. These are materials we use so any settings questions that you have we can help with.